About Us

About Us

Varo Global Café Enterprise Inc.

Varo Global Café Enterprise Inc. which is a subsidiary of Varo Global Holding Inc.. located in Vancouver. Our Holding owns numerous cafes, restaurants and hotels across the Middle East and North America. We are an international business firm with primary interest in marketing, distribution, international sales and manufacturers representation, hospitality projects such as branded café lounges, restaurants and Hotels. Varo Global Café Enterprise Inc. is a business providing high-quality, full-service distribution of coffee, specialty beverages and beverage-related supplies to coffee houses, espresso, Energy Drink, Wine and Vodka in CANADA.

The principal owners are Roxanne Attarian, Vafa Moghadam and Maysam Tehrani, whose combined experience brings office management, high levels of customer service, and over 10 years in distribution and sales management. We have firm commitments to distribute several high-quality new age beverage products, and have verbal commitments from independent retailers throughout the BC and other provinces in CANADA market to carry our product.

Distinguishing characteristics of our business will be the combination of management experience, sales and distribution experience, high-quality, innovative products and exceptional customer service. In particular, what really sets up apart is that we are full-service company servicing the coffee and specialty beverage industry in Canada.


The Varo Global Café Enterprise Inc. intends to become a recognized distributor of specialty beverages and beverage-related supplies and services to coffee houses and Horeca. The Products include all kinds of Coffee (beans and ground), Nespresso compatible capsules, Energy Drink, High quality Wine & VODKA .

Our company is proudly an official distributor of TONINO LAMBORGHINI LUXURY BEVERAGES products in Canada and all of them are produced under the name of this very well-known global brand. As stated by Mr.Tonino Lamborghini, president of Tonino Lamborghini company: "We cannot give you Italy, but we can give you the feeling !"

The Varo Global Café Enterprise Inc. plans to develop strong relationships with key customers so we will be viewed as indispensable partners, rather than just another supplier.We will work closely with each customer to recommend product assortment unique for their retail base, appropriate stocking levels, pricing and display assortments, as well as promotional ideas and material to increase sales. The Varo Global Café Enterprise Inc. will seek out with the Tonino Lamborghini ( www.Lamborghini-lounge.com) products to deliver the most innovative and exciting products to the customers we serve. We are not only selling product; we are selling service.

Keys to Success

• Innovative quality products.

• Individualized customer service - providing our customers with what they want, when and how they want it.

• Fully integrated programs to help customers sales increase through menu development, creative promotions, advertising, and custom marketing material.

• Distributing Lamborghini Wine and Tonino Lamborghini Vodka as an official BCLDB in British Columbia.

• The combined experience of the principal owners brings upper office management skills, high levels of customer service, and over 10 years in distribution and sales management.

Managment Team